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Kara took her first pottery class in 1993 at Wayzata High School in Minnesota, she studied at the University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNCA) graduating with a bachelor of fine arts focus in ceramics. Dean's list and honors.


She has been living on the west coast for 15 years and Tahoe for 13. While in San Francisco she worked in 'The Clay Studio' and participated in 'S.F. open studios, and has had several solo and group shows in the Lake Tahoe area.


Kara makes both functional ceramics and sculpture. Her sculptural work is thrown on a kick wheel (old school, no electricity) then the parts are  "assembled".


About her own work Kara says, "on the creative, zen side of my artistic voice, I want my work to have movement and stillness existing together in the same piece. I look to get a push and pull in space - changing scale and stopping a moment. The bowl forms often look like a shaken stack just before they fall and then stopped in time.  A series of bowls imitating a waves form, but the actual material being the exact opposite a.k.a. frozen stones. Generally speaking I look to incorporate paradox into a thrown and assembled sculpture."


Kara loves taking photos, working to find the unique in plain sight. She loves the lake but is always trying to see it in another way, or from a new angle. Being here in Tahoe she finds it is extremely difficult not to be moved by the beauty just out our front door every day. Her love for Lake Tahoe shows through in her unique artistic vision that captures the essence of her surroundings.