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Have any questions or concerns ? We’re always ready to help! Call us at 530-448-2238 or send us an email at tahoetaylord@gmail.com


How do I get my alterations to you?

Please contact me to arrange for pick up or drop off.

Phone: 530-448-2238

Email: tahoetaylord@gmail.com

How much will my alteration cost?
Alterations will vary in price depending on  the complexity of the job. For example:
Seam repair - $5
Jeans hemmed - $10
Wedding dress alteration - From $50 and up
An estimate can be given over the phone, however for some items it may be necessary to see the fabric and extent of work to be done.
Minimum charge is $15 
How long does it take to get an alteration done?

Alteration time will vary based on the complexity of the job. Most simple alterations can be done in a couple of days, while a more complex item may take a week. If you have an emergency or need a same day alteration, please call or text me.

Phone: 530-448-2238. 

Can you make custom clothes or copy one of my favorites?
Yes, I can make clothes specially designed for you. If you have a favorite clothing item, I would love to replicate it for you.
Please contact me so we can go over the details.